DUDE S.r.l.


Descrizione Agenzia

DUDE Mission
Creating brilliant, interesting, useful stories.
Cross-language, cross-media.
For brands, for publishers, for audiences, for us.

DUDE Approach
DUDE is together communication for brands
and original unbranded contents.

We mix creatives, producers, filmakers, planners,
project managers, TV writers, programmers,
content managers, film editors
in order to create something new for brands needs,
publishing projects and final audiences.

We think and work across all media and across all disciplines to find ideas that are worth people’s time and attention.

Attività principali

  • Advertising
  • Comunicazione Integrata
  • Consulenza di Marca


  • Via Filippo Argelati, 33
    20143 MILANO
  • Telefono sede principale: 02 09994769
  • Indirizzo email: hey@dude.it
  • Indirizzo website: www.dude.it


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